Time flies fast

Wahh dh lama tak berblog. Cuti confinement ni tak sempat nk menulis sgt since most of the time are mostly dedicated to my girl, Aisyah. Still, u can imagine the joy of motherhood. Everyday fills with new surprises. Eg: your baby dah pndai senyum, make funny noises (cakap bahasa Jerman), pee on you (yikes!) etc2..

Cuti sekolah, ramai yg kawen (macam biasa) tp sgt terkilan sbb xblh nk hadir. Even wedding kwn baik pn xbleh nk pergi. Haih sedih sgt. Nak buat camne..The Other Half keje kt KL. Sy tkde transport + nk tinggal bby kt org kesian. Nk bwk sekali tkt bby, afraid that she will be uncomfortable. So end up tak memenuhi undangan. Papepun kepada semua yg mendirikan rumah tangga, Tahniah & welcome to the club!

By the way nk share gmbar my girl. She’s two month old already. How time flies!


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