Say YES to these Drugs

Recently I’ve read this interesting article in the RD stated how the blue pill (Viagra) can really affect relationships and here are a few example of drugs that needed to be developed. And in the hope that these new drugs might help relationships, so here we go……

New drugs for Men (by Women)

1. Anniversia: Triggers memories of birthdays and wedding anniversaries while at the same time promotes spending at the jewekry shops.haha

2. Verbiloose: This meds will make a man willing to talk about his feelings for 15min. (you guys know how men rarely speaks about how they feel)

3. Slendavis: Alter the male cornea making wives appear slender and slim

4. Sportoblind: Prevents man from recognising the word sport on the TV schedule (especially you Azhar Saffuan)

5.  Combovex: Makes hair at the sides of the head short so that man dont look silly combing locks over their bald spot

6. Chorocet: Take this at breakfast and your man will have the desire to do household chores (i like!)

7. Storophobex: Makes man eager and willing to go shopping with their wives patiently in stores and boutique 🙂

New drugs for Women (by Men)

1. Shoopiproofen: This meds makes women will walk straight past stores without entering (no way!)

2. Moodifix: Double the time a woman stays in one mood before changing to another

3. Vaniticillin: Enable women to walk past reflective surface without checking that their make-up is perfect

4. Tirelynol: Prevents tiredness and headache at bedtime

5. Pricetagia: Promotes female blindness to pricetags

6. Slatewypia: Prevent a women remember what their partner said a year a go

7. Naggicease: Disable the vocal chords up to 4 hours. Haha

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