New year, New day….

Mostly orang akan buat new year’s resolution. Tapi yang tahun lepas pun ade yang tak tercapai. Well, tahun ni tak nak buat any resolution sebab nanti tak tertunai janji pada diri sendiri plak. So, lalui je tahun ni tekad utk be the best in whatever things that i do. Chaiyokkk!!

Looking back at 2009 dah banyak things dah di accomplish. The biggest accomplishment is finishing my degree. Selama 4 tahun tunggang terbalik baca buku akhirnye Grad jugak. And also forget to mention, pass forensic exam. Yeah, satu kepuasan bagi diri sebab tak perlu nak repeat lagi.

So, im looking forward for 2010 and hoping that i would accomplish more in 2010. And to all friends, all the best for the new beginning of this year and good luck in whatever things that u guys do 🙂

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