It’s been like a month since my last entries..

Have been really busy with my last department IPD and now im doing my enforcement pharmacy for two weeks. It has been a nice experience doing the enforcement pharmacy as i could broadened my knowledge to the field that im not familiar with.

My first week have been good at the CPF, Kelantan. I’ve got the opportunity to see prosecution at the court, doing inspections at private clinics and inspection at the entry point (Rantau Panjang). Basically I like the part where I can go ‘jalan-jalan’ laa. Ngee. I also learn how to process exhibits and other stuff but the’ jalan2′ part is the most exciting for me. haha.

Today I will follow the CPF staff to do ‘Roadblock Bersepadu’ which involve CPF, Kastam and Imegresen and other Departments as well. Hope it doesnt rain heavily because im worry that i might get my ‘newly done hair’ wet. If  so, there goes my RM 200 on a hair do. Arghh.

Looking forward for my jantung manis to come back this Wednesday..Miss him dearly. *wink*

p/s: Congratulations Dayo on her wedding this Raya Haji. May Allah bless U and hope U will forever be happy with your  loved one *heart smiles*

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