6 days

How to start eh?

Ok ok. The story goes.. the senior PRP would be leaving HUSM this Oct.  And the remaining PRP left is the 4 of us. Oh no.

Penatnye sebab kene cover the workload yang dulu boleh di delegate to all the senior PRP jugak. *sigh*

I’ve been working 6 days a week in 2 weeks row. Penatnye. Badan rasa sakit-sakit. *sobs*

Lagi2 jadual methadone dah keluar. My workload is gaining. Noo.

But the good news is my boss have given me the green light for my convo holiday. Best of all monday-thursday. And since friday is not a working day for me it means that i will enjoy a total 6 days of holiday.Yeayy!! Setelah sekian lama.. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “6 days

  1. same…aku pun penat saket2 badan akibat telah berkerja 2 weeks non-stop since naik cuti hari raya hari tuh…huhu

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