I’ve got my first paycheck yesterday. I am most definitely happy. Now I know it’s not easy to earn ‘halal’ money. ‘Halal is one thing. ‘Berkat’ is another thing to seek.

Debts: PAID

Mom and Dad: Got their own ‘duit raya’. I couldn’t forget the look on my mom and dad’s face. Either  shocked or surprised, i didn’t know which one of it is. Or maybe both. But I know they were happy. * heart smiles*

My little cousins: Soon will get their own ‘duit raya’.

My jantungmanis: Hmm, I should think of something to give him. As a symbol of appreciation towards him who had been supportive enough morally and financially. For always being there for me. What should I give him eh?

Myself: I dont even know what to get for myself. Funny isn’t it?

Oh BTW, today i’ve to work (weekend duty). *sigh*

Damn tired.

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One thought on “Payday

  1. don’t know what to buy for yourself eh? kasik kat aku la duit tu, hahaha! kire duit raye la yek 😛

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