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Damn tired. I just got back from doing my medical check up at HUSM.’s like doing the treasure hunt. Running around Walking calmly around the hospital. First stop the Kaunter Pendaftaran. Such a good luck that the whole department was out of electricity (blackout) and the computer wont work and all have to be done manually.

Then, i went to Taksiran counter. Mom said the med check up is free as my mom is under the govt servant. To my surprised i was charged RM 110 because im already 23 so its not considered as my mom’s tanggungan. The fee is considered  quite a lot as my financial status sucks lately. Luckily my sweetheart had given me a few financial help bank in just a couple of days before. *relieved*

Next, to x-ray dept for CXR or the appropriate term is actually RME. Then i have to climb a few stairs to the pharmacology lab for urine test. This is to check if im positive for substance abuse. NEGATIVE. see? Last is to the KRK to check the other details. It’s really tiring as these places for the med check up is scattered around the hospitals. Wouldnt it would be good if it just be at the same building?? Ngee. Im such a lazy dork.

Yesterday was a really happy day as i got the offer letter. I was actually nervous and u know what i do? I sat and wait for the Encik Posmen to come. At about 3  pm then there he is. I was really excited. I open the letter from the SPA and it stated there “Tawaran Perlantikan Jawatan Tetap Pegawai Farmasi…….” Yeay! Oops. Alhamdulillah.

Tomorrow im going to the Mahkamah for the angkat sumpah (dont know the terms for it in English) . I hope it is not as adventurous as today’s med check up. Till then. Daa~

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4 thoughts on “Posting? where?

  1. ckin on said:

    mantap…dah buat medical check up
    aku surat pun x sampai lg…huuhuh

  2. huhu. aku boleh plak nak pikir nak buat minggu depan je. minggu ni nak berfoya-foya selagi kudrat ditanggung badan. haha. boleh?

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