Facebook keeps me updated

Facebook. You guys mesti familiar dengan this network kan? Nak jadi cerita, yesterday i surf this web and i found the wedding photo of my two classmates. Kak Maria and Shoty (Syafawati). Tahniah kepada mereka berdua sebab dah memasuki alam baru, alam perkahwinan. May the both of you live a happy, lovely life with your beloved ones forever and ever. Wah, panjangnye wedding speech. Haha.

The thing is rase terkilan sangat sebab tak pergi pun wedding tu. Actually memang dah plan nak pergi kenduri kawen Kak Maria coz my sister is working in Kuantan and i can stay at her place if i were to go to the wedding. Then out of the blue, my sis tetiba balik umah and i have no place and no one to go to the wedding with me. Geram betul la. Along (my sis) dah janji nak pegi. She said she forgot. Argh..dem.

Wedding Shoty plak ingat  nak pegi and i can stay at my uncle’s house. But then to travel there on my own cam takut la plak. And sure my dad wont let me unless i go with someone. The problem is there is NO one except me. Maybe lain kali i should ask the guys or gals in Kelantan here like Anep or Shay or Sue. Tapi mesti masing2 ade hal masing2. SOB SOB. OK2 enough of the blabbing here and there bla bla bla.

Moral of the story: Sorry sangat tak dapat pegi wedding tu. But as i may say, my prayer will always be there for my friends. Praying all the happiness in the world for both of the brides. 😉

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