the invitation

dah lame tak update blog disebabkan oleh penyakit M = MALAS.. ok jom kite update laju-laju.

Last Thursday, i went to my sweetheart’s home. This is the first time i went to his house walaupun kitorang dah kenal lame for like 4 years. I have met his family though during his convocation day. I have not met all of the family members on that convo day, so the family invite me to their house untuk berkenalan with all the family members.

He picked me up at my house and off we went to his’. In the car he sort of gave me a briefing i would say about his family. The do’s and dont’s. I dont really listen as i was so SO nervous. All i could hear is his voice bla bla bla. HAHA sorry dear.

Sampai je kat sane  i was so nervous, this is way worst than the day that i went to the SPA (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam) interview. OMG. Im freaking out. Luckily, his SIL (sister in law) was there to welcome me with this warmth that made me feel at ease a bit. At least i feel welcomed.

Then i went in, meet his mom and the other members of the family. Told myself to keep smiling. A BIG smile. maybe a false smile but trust me it is not a fake one. i dont really have the words or the topic to talk with his mom because of our different era, but i do talk with his siblings and in laws.

Most of the time tu saya jadi blur sangat sbb tak faham bahasa kelantan yang ‘pekat’ sangat tu. Eventhough im a kelantanese, it is proven that im not that true kelantanese. Then i had lunch with my sweetheart there by my side. Die kesian sbb im so totally nampak cam lost kat situ. Malu sangat because his siblings asyik menyakat and buat this funny faces. Huhu.

As for all i am happy because of the friendliness and the warmth of the family. They have been very nice to me and made me feel comfortable.  Thanks dear for the nicest moment i have eventhough i was like totally out of my element when i weas there. Ngee.

Mak saya puji gulai kambing yang mak die bagi sedap. Orang tua-tua kate kalau nak daging kambing tu sedap, kene orang yang terer sembelih kambing tu. Tengok la siape yang sembelih. *wink*

  • Note: Sori entry membosankan. Sekadar meluahkan perasaan. Ngee
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3 thoughts on “the invitation

  1. hazlin on said:

    wooooo. bagaikan sudah dekat je tarikh nye 😛 akan mengikut jejak langkah che wan, shoty dan kak maria ke dah ni???

  2. ckin on said:

    yea2…x lame lg bole la aku merasa nasi minyak ore klate…

  3. wahaha.xde pape la.just g jalan2 jerk.hehe.nnti kalau ade pape aku buzz korang la.korang mesti la yang first tau *wink*

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