hurm..nak dijadikan crite..inilah first time saye blogging. i am sooo out of date. well, ade a few of my friends yg blogging @ i would like to try this one lah.sile beri tunjuk ajar 😉

Actually 26th april ni adalah final exam final semester (takuttt!!). now im in kuantan, kuarters ho kt htaa. cari ketenangan la konon + study kt sini..cewah.huhu.

Talking about kuantan ni, salah satu tempat yg agak best gak la. a peaceful town i would say. btw, esok mybe blk shah alam..

tomorrow is our 4th anniversary..hepi anniversary dear~ hope our relationship lasts and we’d be together happier each day ^-^

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One thought on “Newbie

  1. welcome….2x…
    slmat berblogging..hehehe

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